How to Count Respirations

Counting Respirations


Welcome to my guide on how to count respirations, a very simple thing to learn how to do, but is hard to master. Why do I say it’s hard to master? Most people when they notice that you are counting respirations they will try to control their breathing. If they notice you are count and they start to control their breathing then your results are actually skewed and not accurate.

So you might be thinking how do I count respirations without them knowing that I am counting them. Well there are a few tips and tricks that I can give you that won’t let people know you are taking their respirations.

Count Respirations


  • Take their pulse while counting their respirations. Best way to get two accurate rates
  • Fake taking a pulse while watching their chest/stomach for raise and fall.
  • If you are taking a temp you can use that time to count their respirations. While they are focused on you taking their temp.
  • While taking a apical pulse you can listen to their lung sounds and count them then.

Count Respirations Tips:

  • Learn how to take respirations while taking a pulse.
  • Take their respirations while taking their info down when rooming or first entering their room.
  • Never make it seem like you are taking their respirations.

Here is a very good in depth article on taking respirations, and what do if their respirations do not seem to add up.

Check on my article on taking Pulses. I will teach you how to take respirations and pulses at the same time.