How to find the Best Stethoscope

Finding the best stethoscope

As you enter into the nursing world there are few things that you should always have you. One being a stethoscope, So in this short articles I will help guide you to the best stethoscope for you. In reality there are many different kinds of stethoscopes out there for you to use, there acoustic and electronic. Most commonly seen is the acoustic stethoscope, but in some cases you might see a electronic stethoscope in use. So let’s talk about each kind and which would be the best stethoscope for you to use.

Acoustic Stethoscope

Acoustic stethoscopes are the most common kind of stethoscope that you will see in use. They have a very stand look to them and can be found in many scope of practices. They have the typical design to them, starting from the ear pieces to the head of the scope. The stethoscope starts with the ear tips that are angelled to fit comfortably in your ear. Next comes the ear tubes then the binaural spring which helps the stethoscope keep it’s shape. Following the spring you have the flex tube that leads to the head piece. The head piece is compiled of the diaphragm, bell, and the steam. The head of the stethoscope is you place on the body part you are listening to and it helps amplify the sound that the diaphragm is picking up.

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Electronic Stethoscope

Electronic stethoscopes are not commonly seen, but they do have their advantages. While using an electronic stethoscope you are able to amplify the sounds louder than an acoustic stethoscope. So people that might have some form of hearing loss this might be a great option for you to use. Along with amplified sounds you are able to record the sounds (on some models) and some even have a digital display that you can use to read your results with. Their design is very similar to that of an acoustic stethoscope, but when you get down to the head of the scope it will have an electronic adapter. This adapter will have your diaphragm on it, also it will have your volume buttons and record button on it. If your scope has a display this is also where you might find that. Best stethoscope






Best stethoscope for you:

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