How to find the Best shoes for your job

Best shoes for your job

Now you are working nurse, and by now you know walking is your second career. So with all that walking that you’ll be doing you need to find the best shoes for your job. I currently work in a surgery center so I do tons of walking and standing so for me comfortable shoes is key to keeping me happy. Now you might not do tons of walking where you work but really you’re a nurse walking is your your other job title. With nursing it’s important that you wear shoes that are comfortable and give good support. If you go just for style you will be paying for it in the end trust me!

Types of shoes:

Running shoes: Now you can go straight up running. Great for all the walking you will be doing, but not always best for support. You can find ones that give good support also but not as well as some of my other choices. These also can be stylish which is a plus but not mandatory.

Walking shoes: I know you might be thinking what are the difference between walking shoes and running shoes. The difference walking shoes are often used for hiking and made for long distance walks so therefore they are made to be comfortable and will also give you better support. Not the most stylish shoes.

Nursing shoes: Most of you will know by what I mean by nursing shoes. For you that don’t they kinda look like a fancy crock, but made from a nicer material. Now these hoes are made for nursing so they will be comfortable and give great support and can also be found in tons of colors and styles. The downside is that they tend to be expensive.

Best shoes for your job

Final thoughts

So I find that those three types of shoes tend to be the most popular shoes that you will see nurses wearing in most types of fields of nursing. For the women reading this article you have it much easier finding shoes to wear in nursing. Not many nursing shoes are made for men, Men will typical go with running shoes and a nice pair of comfortable sneakers. Best shoes for your job may differ between each one of you, for me i wear running shoes that I found to give comfortable support, but if you are a triage nurse you won’t be doing a lot of walking so just a nice pair sneakers will work for you. Now if you work in a hospital or nursing home a pair of nursing shoes might be best for you.

Best running shoes:

Women: Adidas, Nike, Asics

Men: Adidas, Nike, Asics

Best Walking Shoes:

Best shoes for your job                                                                                                                   Women: RYKA

                                                                                                               Men: New Balance

                                                                                            Best Nursing Shoes:

                                                                                                         Women: Danskos, Skechers

Now all the shoes I listed are not the only ones out there. They are just some of my favorites. I personally wear Adidas shoes they give me the most support and are comfortable.  These are just some ideas to get you started. If you got your shoes but still need a stethoscope go check out my article of best stethoscopes.  Best shoes for your job